• JUAL SOLAR Roof Console - patented

    We know
    how to attach
    solar panels
    safely on roofs

  • JUAL SOLAR Console Systems

    We are experts
    on surfaces
    equipped with
    roofing membrane

  • JUAL SOLAR Quality Roof Consoles

    Our Roof Consoles
    are well accepted by
    major membrane

  • JUAL SOLAR mounting systems safe on the roofs

    We offer a full
    programme of
    safe and effective
    roof accessories

  • Mounting JUAL SOLAR Roof Console

    Ready to see
    what JUAL SOLAR
    can do for your
    next project?

Proof enough.
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JUAL SOLAR Console Systems

Our Consol System has been designed with the purpose of providing a systematic solution for structural fixation of solar instatllations on  roof surfaces sealed with a roofing membrane. The solution has been constructed according to roof industry guidelines and with direct involvement of roof applicators

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