Console System for Thermal Solar Collectors

It is imperative for JUAL SOLAR to respect the original design and layout of the roof surface. The utmost intension is put on retaining the original functionality of the roof, hereby maintaining drainage capacity and avoiding any load on roof membrane as well as on roof insulation. As a result we have chosen to raise the system from the roof surface and only attach it to the roof via the 100% waterproof Roof Consoles.

JUAL SOLAR Console Systems for Thermal Solar Collectors is based on the same concepts as the EAST-WEST and the ROOF PARALLEL solution. A greater part of the wind impact is, however, transferred into a horizontal force causing higher horizontal fixation requirement in the roof.

The Console System for Thermal Collectors consists of Roof Consoles – configured to meet the horizontal forces – and a corresponding rigid framing platform on which the collectors with framing can be safely installed. This solution offers suitable, proper and effective fixation, which is applicable for most thermal collector brands.