For pitched roof

JUAL SOLAR Flashing for socket set screw, toogle anchor etc.
A safe, systematic and industry compliant solution when socket set screws, toggle anchors or similar are used for fastening on cold inclined roofs with various roofing membranes.

Flashing for socket set screw

The flashing is specifically designed with the purpose of creating a systematic and industry complying solution for inclined bitumen roofings when socket set screws or similar has been chosen for fastening. The flashing is applicable for screw sizes up to 12 mm and can be installed on inclinations down to 1:5 (11,3°).
For a correct appliance of the flashing, it is a precondition for the water tightness that standard JUAL fasteners are used. It is furthermore crucial that the specific location of each flashing on the roof is carefully planned in order to ensure that flashings will not be completely under water when a normal heavy rain occurs.

Flange: Stainless steel
Top cover: Stainless steel
Membrane: The type of the integrated membrane can be specified for each specific project.