1-layer bitumen/single ply

For effective and safe fixation of constructional elements or other types of installations on warm, cold or flat roof constructions, equipped with various roofing membranes, such as solar cells, antennas or others. The Roof Console can be applied on buildings with both an inclined or a flat roof as long as the specific type of roof construction is regarded.

When an installation of Roof Consoles is planned, the different forces that will impact the specific console must be regarded and defined in order to reach an effective and resonable installation.
On the technical datasheet, under the heading SYSTEM DESIGN, the various load types have been illustrated.

Flange: Stainless steel
Connection interface: Stainless steel
Console Adapter: Galvanized steel
Membrane: Type of the integrated
membrane can be specified for each specific project.

Mounting instructions, cold roof
Mounting instructions, warm roof