About JUAL Solar A/S

Let us help you in a busy life

We know that the easiest and therefore most used solution in a busy day is to choose the products that you already know. Not because it is necessarily the best, but because time is simply not available to search the market properly.

At JUAL Solar, we have been fortunate to concentrate on only selling one product: We are selling console systems for solar panels on roofs with a membrane.

We have a patent on the method, the fittings are installed in the roof structure, and therefore there is nothing directly comparable with our system.

JUAL Solar's patent is in the mounting part, for the fittings to be securely mounted into the roof structure. This means that the roof surface will be kept intact to ensure that the roof nor the structure will not be damaged by moisture over time, and will be kept 100% waterproof.

The roof and the structure retains all its original features.

We can therefore with great pride and conviction stand up and look our customers in the eyes when we help integrating JUAL Solar Console Systems in future projects.

We are experts in the field in working with our Console Systems, and therefore we are confident that we can provide you with the right help and unique advice to your project.

We are looking forward to have a talk with you about your project and how we can help you to choose the right solutions.

Contact us either by phone or send us an email with a short description of your project.

JUAL Solar A/S is a subsidiary to JUAL A/S - a family run business for generations. Despite that JUAL Solar A/S in itself has a short history, history tracks back to JUAL A/S



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